Inner Sparkle Soy Candles and Diffuser

March 06, 2017 Sally Barton

One of the great things about being in business is that I get to participate in collaborations with other small businesses. In doing so I get to meet awesome other business owners along the South Coast NSW that make some incredible and unique products.

It was a private Instagram page for businesses where I heard about Inner Sparkle. A company not too far away from us on the South Coast, NSW.

Inner Sparkle manufacture incredible soy candles and diffusers, all hand poured and hand made.

So me and my love for candles I couldn't resist placing an order. Next day it arrives, yes you heard right, Next day. Do you know how rare that is in Australia? Anyhow, moving on. So me and my husband have just put the kids down for a midday nap and we think lets open this parcel. The anticipation builds as we cut into the Aus Post bag and as soon as we do we are greeted with a beautiful aroma that, honestly, I had not come across before. More on that later.

We were both more than impressed with the unboxing experience, especially getting that fresh hit of aroma from the start. Inside is the candle and the car diffuser wrapped in light bubble wrap first and then a little white box with clear labeling how to find Inner Sparkle on the web. We open our little box and we see a blue printed card with the Inner sparkle logo printed in gold metalic and on the back another link to the web address to make sure we don't miss them if we need to make contact.  Also enclosed are two smaller cards with clear and precise instructions and all the necessary warnings that should come with candles. Lucky too because it turns out my husband would have tried everything to make the diffuser work, and probably failed, if not for the simple instruction card. 

...So we've now set the candle on the dining table in the middle of the apartment and we're just about to light it when low and behold, one of the kids is still awake - let's go sort that out downstairs first.

A few minutes pass, kids are actually asleep and we wander back up the stairs. Instantly we are greeted with that wonderful scent again, and we haven't even put a match to it yet. Very impressive!

Once lit the room fills with the gentle scent that I can only describe as absolutely spot on to the description written on the bottom. We ordered a Coconut, Pinapple and Vanilla candle. Now if you were to put those ingredients in a blender this is spot on what you would expect it to smell like but somehow a little sweeter in a nice way. Yes I could almost eat this candle. It smells delicious.

Now we all know those cheap candles from chain stores. They just smell cheap right? you order a berry candle and you get the smell of a strawberry condom wafting through the house! Just what we all want! :-/

Inner Sparkle products are absolutely nothing like that. Just the right amount of all the ingredients in a soy candle that burns for ages.

The diffuser is very tasty too. Though not as strong in scent I am sure it will be once it flows through the car. Im not sure you would want anything too strong permanently in the car though. The diffuser has a really cool look to it and it works by allowing the perfume to run into the timber lid and thus the scent is released into the air slowly and consistently. If the perfume starts to run out you simply tip the diffuser upside down and let more liquid soak into the timber lid again and you're good to go for another however long. 

I can see the diffuser lasting for a very long time, there is a heap of perfume inside, far more than was expecting. Now there's something you wont get from mass produced scented products! One that will last for a long time and actually smells nice. Another tick from me for Inner Sparkle.

A Braya Australia we are all about delivering great service and awesome products of course, but when the opportunity arises to share with our valued customers another business that has great products and brilliant service, we make no hesitations!

Inner Sparkle run a tight business and have very high quality hand made products. Do yourself a favor and place an order for your home and your car at




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